Earn To Die

earn-to-die-android-00Earn To Die is a game which never gets old. This game was released long ago but it’s still on the top of it’s popularity because of the unique gameplay and awesome graphics. In fact, that’s the first game of this category and today there are lot of game where you have to kill zombies or make a powerful car, but Earn To Die is a legend among them. Also I would like to notice, that there are 3 version of the Earn To Die available today.

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The main mission of the player is to survive in the world full of zombies. The only way to escape from the city is to build a powerful car which can kill zombies. At the beginning of the game, you have to buy a car. Of course it is really weak when you buy it and can't resist zombie attacks, but every time you make a try to escape from the city, you are given money. The ammount of money is based on the distance you covered and the number of zombies you killed. As soon as you earn some money, you can start to upgrade your car. I recommend you to upgrade the fuel tank and engine first and then the other parts. As you progress in the game and earn lot of money, you can buy a bigger car.
Earn to die is a game which can be played for hours. Hope that you will enjoy the full version of the Earn To Die game at our website EarnToDie.Org.Uk